6th International Conference on Cryptology, Algebra and Geometry

Social, Scientific Motivations and Objectives (Link Here)
Algebra and Geometry are fields of mathematics that were initially considered as purely theoretical. However, several computational problems from these areas are at the centre of the security of many applications in banking transactions, mobile telephony, digital broadcasting, the Internet, and any information system.

Cryptography is the branch of mathematics that ensures security of information exchanged. There is increased use of electronic communication networks for the exchange and storage of data thanks to the use of ICT and hence no country is spared from daily attacks related to security of these data. It is therefore important for developing countries to be at the forefront of research in cryptography to protect their cyberspaces.


Finance on the other hand, is a sub-field of economics concerned with the valuation of assets and financial instruments as well as the allocation of resources. Mathematics comes into play because it allows theoreticians to model the relationships between variables and represent randomness in a manner that can lead to useful analysis. Mathematics is also a tool to solve problems, provide insights and make intractable models tractable.


Mathematical finance is a field of applied mathematics that draws from the disciplines of probability theory, statistics, scientific computing and partial differential equations to provide models and derive relationships between fundamental variables such as asset prices, market movements and interest rates. These mathematical tools allow to draw conclusions that can be otherwise difficult to find or not immediately obvious from intuition. The aforementioned applications of mathematics that are legions in developed countries are not well known in developing countries.


The objectives of the conference are:

  • Contribute to the development of mathematics in the University of Bamenda by promoting the exchange of knowledge between young African Mathematicians and the international mathematical community. This will be an occasion for mathematicians to interact with other colleagues and create collaborations with other participants.
  • Break the isolation of Cameroonian mathematicians by providing a platform to meet fellow mathematicians from around the world, exchange knowledge and sharing experience.
  • Provide students teachers of the University of Bamenda with modern methods of teaching mathematics using computer algebra software and other ICT.
  • Create a synergy between researchers, universities and enterprises using services related to cryptology, information security and finance.
  • Give participants the opportunity to discover the contributions of Algebra, Statistics and Probability in solving problems related to the development of their countries.
  • Inspire and motivate participants to search for new applications necessary for resolving problems for sustainability.


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